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Learn about Proper Golfing and the learning process you’ll go on to become a master golfer.

The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of the Proper Golf Swing are simple, effective, and easy to apply. The Proper Golf Swing is based around Three Don’ts and the Six principles. Once you understand them, they will help take away confusing swing thoughts and leave you with a feeling of how to swing the club to the best of your ability. It’s not a one swing fits all methodology but more of a philosophy of how to set up, swing, and play the game in a relaxed way so that it becomes so much more enjoyable.

The Set Up

Is the set up essential? Does it make a difference to striking the ball consistently? The set up isn’t just about standing the right distance from the ball. It’s about getting into the proper posture so that you can Turn and Weight Shift correctly, ball positioning, standing the right distance from the ball, where your body and clubface should point, and freeing up your body from unnecessary tension. In this section, you will learn these skills that you can easily apply to all of the clubs in your bag.


Would you like to become more confident when using a driver? Stop that dreaded slice? Hit more fairways? Driving is a part of the game that has become so important nowadays. It’s vital that you have the right setup and swing, but equally important that you’re using the right equipment. In this section, you will learn all about driving, including the right tee height, the best ball to use for your handicap, the right flex of shaft, ball positioning, set up, and how to hit the ball straighter and longer.

Fairway Woods

Do you Struggle to hit fairway woods? Do you know when to hit a three wood or a five wood? Fairway woods are a vital part of the game for many golfers. Understanding which club to play depending on the lie, setting up to the ball correctly, and making the right swing will improve your ball striking and your enjoyment when playing these clubs. You will learn about the proper technique, equipment, and mental approach so that you become more confident when playing fairway woods.


Do you know the difference between a Hybrid and a rescue club? Should you swing as you do with a wood or an iron? Hybrid clubs have been a game-changer for many golfers. They have taken away the fear of hitting long irons and enabled golfers to play shots they might never think possible. A question I’m often asked is, “should you play them as a wood or an iron?” In this section, you’ll learn all about this.

Irons 5 to 9

Do you avoid playing long irons? Would you like to play approach shots with more confidence? Using the Proper Golfing principles with these clubs can be a real game-changer for many golfers. You must address the ball correctly and make your best swing to be successful with these clubs. Keeping things simple and reducing swing thoughts is key, and you’ll learn these skills in this section.


Do you know the difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot? Do you know what action to use? Would you like more certainty when faced with this type of shot? Pitching is a shot that many golfers struggle with because it’s considered an in-between shot. Once you set up correctly and apply the six principles of Proper Golfing to these shots, it becomes a part of the round that’s reliable and a real game-changer.


Do you find chipping difficult? Would you like to learn simple techniques that work? We are faced with many types of chip shots that require different setups and actions. In this section, you will learn the easiest way to chip, which can be applied to various clubs from different distances. With a slightly modified setup and swing, you’ll be able to play these shots with reliability and confidence. You will learn shots from close range, chipping over a hazard, and from awkward lies, all designed to make chipping much more fun and lower your scores.

Greenside Bunkers

Do you fear going into bunkers? Have you found a way to avoid them at all costs? Would you like to know what to do when faced with a difficult bunker shot? Many golfers often fear bunkers. Once you know how to set up and swing the club in a specific way, then you’ll become so confident in them that you will no longer consider them a hazard. The way bunkers shots are commonly taught has made these shots much more complicated than they need to be. By learning this simple method, you’ll gain confidence and never fear going in them again.

Fairway Bunkers

Do you find yourself freezing up when faced with a fairway bunker shot? Would you prefer to be in the rough rather than the bunker? If so, then simplifying these shots is a must, and that’s what you’ll learn in this section. Set up is crucial, and making the right swing will almost guarantee success.

Swing Drills

Are swing drills essential? Are they a pointless exercise that wastes time? No is the simple answer. If you keep doing what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. It’s important when making changes that you are rehearsing the right things. The swing drills you will learn in this section will take your normal swing and transform it into one that feels easy, reliable, and efficient. Swing drills don’t Have to be complicated, but they need to serve a purpose, so it’s important to do them correctly.

Shot Shaping

Is shaping a shot a mystery to you? Is it a dark art that can never be learned? Well, quite simply, everybody can learn about shot shaping once you understand what your clubface needs to do and your club’s path, then shaping shots can become so much fun. In this section, you will learn how to draw, fade, hit low and high shots, all designed to get you around the course in fewer shots. Yes, they require some practice so that you can play them on demand, but having this new skill in the bag can be a real game-changer.


Do you fear those 2-foot putts? Struggle with overthinking about what stroke to use? Hate it when your opponents make you putt out? Putting is often described as a game within a game that has proven to be so true. In this section, you will learn new grips that you could use, understand which is the right putter to use, learn how to set up to the ball, and make the best stroke possible. You will also learn to read greens, manage the yips if you suffer from them, and discover the importance of hitting putts at the correct pace. There are lots of putting exercises you can try, all designed to reduce the amounts of putts you take and lower your scores.

Warm up and Golf Exercises

Is there any point in warming up before you play? Does it make a difference? Warming up before you play and knowing what exercises you can do can make a world of difference. It will help prevent injuries, build the right groups, and make amazing things happen when done correctly. No matter what body shape you are, there will be something in this section that will make a difference to your body and overall health. There will be golf-specific exercises to help strengthen your golfing muscles, aid flexibility, and potentially add distance to your golf shots.

Playing in Competitions

Would you like to be more competitive when you play? Stop being so nervous? Understand the rules and etiquette when competing? Reduce your handicap? By simply following the Proper Golfing principles and applying them correctly, you will be able to play and compete in a relaxed way with the knowledge that you’ll be doing everything possible to perform to the best of your ability.

The Mental Game

Do you know what the mental side of the game consists of? Do you think it’s an important part but not sure what to do differently? The Mental aspect of the game is often overlooked and yet plays a vital role. In this section, we will discover common mistakes that may be holding your game hostage and, most importantly, learn what to do to reach your optimum performance.

Recovery Shots

Have you ever faced a shot that you’ve no idea what to do? Ended up on a cart path and not sure whether to play it? Recovery shots are an inevitable part of playing golf. The more you play, the more important you know exactly what to do in every situation. In this section, you will learn shots that Pro’s keep secret and know-how to handle any situation that faces you.

Course Management

Have you heard the phrase Course Management but don’t know what it is? Does it make a difference to scoring well? Course management is a very different skill from swinging the golf club. There are a lot of low handicap golfers who swing the club terribly yet score very well because they have great course management skills. No matter what your handicap, you will discover how to manage your round and expectations to get the most from your golfing ability in this section.

Uneven Lies

Do certain uneven lies leave you baffled? Does the downhill lie leave you in a cold sweat? Learning how to play from uneven lies is a vital part of the game. The way they are commonly taught is making them much harder than they need to be. In this section, you will learn a much simpler way of setting up and playing them. Once you understand how to manage your center of gravity, you’ll become a master of these lies and amaze your playing partners with the ease at which you play them.

Faults and Fixes

Learn about common faults in your golf swing and how to fix them.

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