In this video, Jo and I talk about the power of focused attention and how this improves your golf shots. We talk about the importance of being relaxed when you are ready to play your shots and why a pre-shot routine is so important.

After years of playing tournament golf when faced with a difficult shot, I taught myself to focus on hitting a ball over a spot just in front of the ball rather than focusing on the hazards in front of me and it made a massive difference to the outcome of my shots. Jo also gets me into a tense state at set up with a mantra and the feeling of the club striking the ball was horrible compared to when I felt relaxed.

Remember, tension is still the number one enemy of the golf swing and must be avoided as much as possible.

5 KEYS to DRIVING the Ball

I’ll explain the 5 KEYS to DRIVING the Ball. You’ll learn the set up, body movement, swing path, finishing, and how to eliminate bad tension in your golf swing.