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30% of golfers have to stop playing due to bad technique. The Proper Golfing online academy teaches thousands of golfers the pioneering golf methodology created by top YouTube golf coach Julian Mellor, enabling them to play better golf for longer.

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Years of Coaching

The Methodology

Julian Mellor’s Proper Golfing methodology integrates mind, body, and technique for optimal performance. Emphasising simplicity, golfers develop an effortless swing for consistent results. Prioritising a strong mental game, embracing mistakes fosters growth. An understanding of Biomechanics minimise injuries.

The Proper Golfing swing is a methodology that focuses on achieving a balanced and fluid motion. It emphasizes techniques such as a solid grip, consistent setup, and accurate alignment. By incorporating coordinated body movements and minimizing tension, golfers can generate power and accuracy in their shots. The goal of the proper golfing swing is to create a seamless and effortless motion that maximizes distance and control, leading to improved performance and enjoyment on the course.


I explain 7 simple things to check first to eliminate problems one at a time.

Twice Monthly access to julian

Millions of golfers have watched the Proper Golfing YouTube channel. However, many requested more in-depth training and a step-by-step approach to improve their game. The Proper Golfing Academy gives members a systematic approach to Julian Mellor’s swing methodology.

Swing Analysis

Submit your swing to Julian for your one-on-one swing analysis which includes personalized coaching and tailored feedback to refine your technique and elevate your game.

The Method

Days 1-30 – Laying the Groundwork for Success

In these first 30 days, we will establish a solid foundation by focusing on fundamental techniques and building understanding of Body and Arm movement. Gain a deeper understanding of the game, develop consistent set up routine for a strong start.

Days 31-90 – Refining Essential Techniques

During this phase, we will fine-tune your swing, sharpen your short game skills, and work on effective course management strategies. Dive into advanced shot-making techniques, improve your putting accuracy, and develop a consistent pre-shot routine.

Days 91-120 – Elevating Accuracy and Consistency

Now, we will focus on refining your accuracy and consistency, honing in on your swing mechanics and club selection strategies. Master the art of precision shots, learn to control ball flight, and enhance your ability to adapt to different course conditions.

Days 121-180 – Unleashing Power and Precision

It’s time to unleash your full potential by combining power and precision in your game. We’ll work on generating more distance off the tee and developing a controlled, efficient swing. Enhance your ability to shape shots, improve your course management skills, and take your game to the next level.

Days 180-365 – Ascending to Elite Performance

As you approach the one-year mark, we will focus on fine-tuning your skills to achieve elite performance levels. We’ll work on shot selection, mental resilience, and strategic decision-making. Refine your short game touch, develop a killer instinct under pressure, and elevate your overall performance to compete at the highest levels.

Days 365-Beyond – Sustaining Mastery and Growth

Beyond one year, our focus shifts to sustaining mastery and continuous growth. We’ll fine-tune your technique, explore advanced course management strategies, and work on maintaining a competitive edge. Develop a long-term improvement plan, unleash your creativity on the course, and continue pushing your boundaries to reach new heights in your golfing journey.

Training Library

Access a lifetime of golf content, with over 500 step-by-step training videos. Go from beginner to pro with our comprehensive courses tailored to all skill levels.

Faults & Fixes

Discover common golfing pitfalls and their remedies, ensuring every swing gets closer to perfection. Tailored advice, expert insights, and practical drills await to transform your game’s weakest links.

Head Coach

Julian Mellor is a world-renowned golf coach, PGA Professional, and the founder of the Proper Golfing Golf Academy. Based in the UK, Julian serves members around the world.

  • 35+ Years of Coaching
  • Founder of the Simple Swing
  • Won 30+ Tournaments
  • Taught 1,000s of Students
  • Celebrity & Pro Athlete Coach


Member community where you will connect with other  golfers learning the same methodology, share insights, highlight challenges, and celebrate triumphs.

Our Customers

Based on 52 reviews
Georgia Mellor
Georgia Mellor
lovely person and good experience
Mat G
Mat G
I love the way Julian simplifies the golf swing. Good stuff!
stephen bowman
stephen bowman
Julian Mellor (Proper Golfing) is a top level coach, working from both The Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Golf Simulator in Stratford upon Avon. Julian has a genuine passion to help golfers of all abilities and the knowledge to coach players at any level. Julian has an a rare ability to put a student at ease instantly, his method of instruction is refreshing in what can be a regimented method of learning. Whilst Julian has access to state of the art equipment his approach is far from the paint by numbers analysis today's coaches really on. Julian promotes a smooth flowing swing in the Proper Golfing System designed to reduce the chance of Golfing related injury. I would recommend Julian Mellor to players of all ages and abilities.
Ken beachus
Ken beachus
Julian is a really helpful coach and such a nice guy He will help you whatever your golfing problem is
Matthew Bird
Matthew Bird
I have known Julian since 2019. His style of coaching and methodology is fabulous. He has transformed my game into a repeatable, enjoyable experience. I highly recommend the Proper Golfing system. The webinars, training library and one-on-one sessions are the complete package. Golf is fun again !
Eamon Pickering
Eamon Pickering
Julian changed my game and thought process towards the game
Barrie Duggan
Barrie Duggan
Proper Golfing provides a superb library of well presented tuition on golf and the golf swing. Julian has a wonderful way of explaining everything in a comprehensive, systematic but simple to understand way. Having access to this library and being able to ask Julian for advice in person makes Proper Golfing a fantastic vehicle for improving all aspects of my golf game. Highly recommended.
Robert Frawley
Robert Frawley
Julian's lessons are very helpful. He keeps it simple so I'm actually able to do as he suggests and it's improved my game. Simple more natural movements that really work.
Diego Pérez
Diego Pérez
As a senior with limited flexibility, the easy swing has been a revelation for me to enjoy golf without tension and relaxed.
When we can truly let go of the over-analysis of positional golf swings, we can really enjoy golf. That’s what the simplest swing is, a truly fabulous concept in golf

Jerry H.

I’m playing the best golf of my life right now. Breaking 80 and getting to a single-digit handicap has always been two golf goals of mine. After flirting with 80 – I finally broke the barrier a couple of weeks ago, shooting a 79.

Eric B.

I’ve been a member of numerous online golf teachers, including Malaska, Shawn Clement, Scratch Golf Academy, and a couple of others whose names I forget. They all wanted to teach as if I was a 25-year-old athlete in prime condition. Some of them really messed with my golf and caused further injuries over the last three years.

Craig H.

I spent several months with another online golf instructor who taught an ‘athletic’ swing. I can’t do athletic! Julian’s technique was a breath of fresh air. The motion seems to be repeatable and easy to learn.

Tom W.

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Member Webinars

Live coaching sessions to learn the latest techniques, insights, and trends in golf.

The 19th Hole

Exclusive forum where members converge to discuss, debate, and delve into the world of golf.

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Do I have to learn complicated swing thoughts?

No, the Proper Golfing swing is simply an understanding the Do’s & Don’ts you will ultimately end up with a swing feeling and not thoughts pieced together.

Do I need to practice a lot?

No, not really, as you can improve with the minimum effort once you understand what you need to do.

What if I have a bad back or pain in my body?

This methodology is perfect for golfers with bad backs. The posture we recommend encourages you to stand closer to the ball and takes away pressure from your lower back, and enables you to move freely.

What if I don't belong to a golf course?

You don’t need to be a member of a golf course to learn this method. Many golfers around the world only get to play on the range. The satisfaction of hitting a ball with minimum effort and watching it go long and straight is good enough.