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Want to learn to play golf properly? Proper Golfing is an online golf academy, from the mind of Julian Mellor, where you learn to play your best golf ever by making small changes that give you massive results.

Why Proper Golfing?

Lower Handicap

No need to rely on your golf buddy’s tips to improve.

Beat Your Friends

Outperform all your friends and their complicated swings.

Win Competitions

Enter competitions and compete with ease.

Structured Coaching to Fast-track Your Development As a Golfer

Your proper golf swing is not a tour pro template swing. It’s not your playing partner’s swing, but YOUR golf swing. One that works for you, taking your goals, limitations, and best talents into account. We combine the fundamentals of the Proper Golfing philosophy with the finessing that you need once you are fine-tuning your swing.

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Upload a Video of Your Golf Swing for Swing Analysis

For many years I was teaching and playing golf the complicated way like most other pros. I always believed there was an easier way. For the last decade I have been in search of a way of playing golf that is effortless, free of frustration and with less complicated swing thoughts. I’m thrilled to say that I have found it! All my learnings are in my online golf academy so you can share them too. Golf shouldn’t be hard or difficult, it should be enjoyable. If you are looking to make your golf game effortless, you are in the right place! Join me and hundreds of other on your way to effortless golf.

Julian Mellor
Julian Mellor

Swing Analysis vs. In-Person Coaching

When you submit a swing for analysis, you’ll get to experience the same coaching you’d receive from in-person coaching.

300+ Step-by-Step Training Videos for Every Golf Skill Listed in Easy To Navigate Sections

You’ll get access to my video training library to learn the skills to master golf, troubleshoot your swing, and drastically improve your golf game. The UK’s largest golf library with over 40-hours of content.

The Fundamentals of Finding Your Easiest Golf Swing

The Set Up


Fairway Woods


Irons 5-9



Greenside Bunkers

Fairway Bunkers

Swing Drills

Shot Shaping

Warm Up and Golf Exercises


Playing In Competitions

Mental Game

Recovery Shots

Course Management

Uneven Lies

Faults and Fixes

Proper Golf

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When we can truly let go of the over analysis of positional golf swings we can really enjoy golf. That’s what the simplest swing is, a truly fabulous concept in golf

Jerry, Proper Golfing Member

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Try Proper Golfing risk-free. Julian Mellor offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Georgia Mellor
Georgia Mellor
lovely person and good experience
Mat G
Mat G
I love the way Julian simplifies the golf swing. Good stuff!
stephen bowman
stephen bowman
Julian Mellor (Proper Golfing) is a top level coach, working from both The Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Golf Simulator in Stratford upon Avon. Julian has a genuine passion to help golfers of all abilities and the knowledge to coach players at any level. Julian has an a rare ability to put a student at ease instantly, his method of instruction is refreshing in what can be a regimented method of learning. Whilst Julian has access to state of the art equipment his approach is far from the paint by numbers analysis today's coaches really on. Julian promotes a smooth flowing swing in the Proper Golfing System designed to reduce the chance of Golfing related injury. I would recommend Julian Mellor to players of all ages and abilities.
Ken beachus
Ken beachus
Julian is a really helpful coach and such a nice guy He will help you whatever your golfing problem is
Matthew Bird
Matthew Bird
I have known Julian since 2019. His style of coaching and methodology is fabulous. He has transformed my game into a repeatable, enjoyable experience. I highly recommend the Proper Golfing system. The webinars, training library and one-on-one sessions are the complete package. Golf is fun again !
Eamon Pickering
Eamon Pickering
Julian changed my game and thought process towards the game
Barrie Duggan
Barrie Duggan
Proper Golfing provides a superb library of well presented tuition on golf and the golf swing. Julian has a wonderful way of explaining everything in a comprehensive, systematic but simple to understand way. Having access to this library and being able to ask Julian for advice in person makes Proper Golfing a fantastic vehicle for improving all aspects of my golf game. Highly recommended.
Robert Frawley
Robert Frawley
Julian's lessons are very helpful. He keeps it simple so I'm actually able to do as he suggests and it's improved my game. Simple more natural movements that really work.
Diego Pérez
Diego Pérez
As a senior with limited flexibility, the easy swing has been a revelation for me to enjoy golf without tension and relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I have a bad back?

This methodology is perfect for golfers with bad backs. The posture we recommend encourages you to stand closer to the ball and takes away pressure from your lower back, and enables you to move freely.

What if I can't play golf because of the climate of where I live right now?

Not a problem. If you have room to swing even without hitting balls, you can still improve if you rehearse the movements demonstrated in the videos.

What if I don't belong to a golf course?

You don’t need to be a member of a golf course to learn this method. Many golfers around the world only get to play on the range. The satisfaction of hitting a ball with minimum effort and watching it go long and straight is good enough.

Once I've learned the swing is that it?

No, every month, different subjects will be covered, such as the mindset, superfood, and drinks to improve your performance, training exercises, goal setting, and course management.

Can I ask questions?

yes, you can. It’s important that you ask questions to help you and many other golfers on the site.

Can I get a private lesson with Julian?

Yes, you can get private coaching with Julian. It can be in person or via a video conference portal.

The Training

Will I lose distance?

No, you won’t lose distance. It’s often the case that you gain distance by moving freely in a relaxed way.

Will I end up with lots of complicated swing thoughts?

No, the Proper Golfing swing is simply an understanding the Do’s & Don’ts you will ultimately end up with a swing feeling and not thoughts pieced together.

Do I need expensive equipment?

No, you don’t, and there is a video on this subject on the site. 

Will I look silly doing it?

Absolutely not. You will probably be admired by you Peers for having such an easy looking swing. 

Do I need to practice a lot?

No, not really, as you can improve with the minimum effort once you understand what you need to do.

Is it just about the full swing?

Not at all. The Proper Golf swing can be applied to all parts of the game, including pitching, chipping, bunker shots, and putting.

Become a Certified Proper Golfing Instructor

Coming Soon! Contact Julian to join the instructor waitlist.