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I want to compliment you. I am 84. I have had a radical deterioration of my golf game in the past few years. I think I had enough athleticism as a younger man to overcome a faulty swing. In the past, I followed Ben Hogan (He and I were personal friends at the end of his life). I have recovered a great deal of my skill following your instruction. I hit 14 fairways during my last outing.

I think Proper Golf is an improvement in the principles Mr. Hogan taught in his great book.

PD Abbott MD

Julian, I Just wanted to let you know I’m playing the best golf of my life right now. Breaking 80 and getting to a single-digit handicap has always been two golf goals of mine. After flirting with 80 (I shot that five times this summer) – I finally broke the barrier a couple of weeks ago, shooting a 79. I’ve then gone out and done it twice more – including shooting my lowest ever round of a 76 yesterday!! (38 on both the front and back…) All of this has had my handicap go from a 12.1 to a 9.0. – Your sand technique is genius and has saved my sand bunker short game. – I’ve been working on “turning more” per your video analysis (I still have a ways to go with this…) – I’ve been using the armband you recommended while hitting half shots into a net at home to stay more connected. I’m sure all the above has contributed to my improved play. I’m looking forward to doing some zoom lessons with you in the off-season (that’s when I really like to “work” on my swing) looking forward to some in-person guidance at the coaching school in Fuerteventura in March of 2022. Thanks so much for all your help! Peace, Eric

Eric Bessette

My back and neck are stuffed, yet I feel zero pain when I follow your methods—great news for me.

I’ve been a member of numerous online golf teachers, including Malaska, Shawn Clement, Scratch Golf Academy, and a couple of others whose names I forget. They all wanted to teach as if I was a 25-year-old athlete in prime condition. Some of them really messed with my golf and caused further injuries over the last three years.

So as far as I’m concerned, at 60 years old, I can see and really feel a renewed energy and focus for improving my golf. My handicap was 23 about 18 months ago, and since watching these numpties with their crazy ideas, it’s now blown out to 29.5. I’ve been a member of Proper Golfing for a few weeks, and I already see improvement, even to the point of being relaxed about teeing off on the first and wanting to play. I began to think I should just give up.

I plan to get to 18 handicap in the next 12 months. I know I can do it with your help. It makes me very happy to have an achievable goal in a sport and industry that I love.

To you, I give all the credit. Of course, it doesn’t happen without some effort and commitment from me.

Thanks heaps mate. It’s like you’re just down at my local club, and I can drop in and ask for help.

Craig Hill

A big thanks to you for making this great game of golf manageable for me. I cannot thank you enough for your videos. A friend from Wisconsin.


My name is Jerry Honstein; I’m 83 years old; I live in Southern California, and I love golf. I would share that I have strived to learn only two things about golf – first, how to hit a ball directly at my target and do it with consistency.

Well, after several decades of reading golf magazines, taking a multitude of lessons from PGA professionals, spending a great deal of money attending weekend golf seminars from several experts promoting their supposed swing ‘secrets,’ and spending untold hours of pounding golf balls at the range, what I ended up with was a lot of conflicting information and more swing thoughts than anyone could imagine. Frustrated confusion!

Then, several months ago, the best thing I ever did regarding golf was google “the easiest swing,” and I immediately found a post by Julian Mellor. My golf life has improved immensely since that lucky moment. Mr. Mellor not only explains how to simplify the golf swing, but he is also the first golf coach who ever really demonstrated exactly what he was teaching by swinging a golf club and hitting balls himself! Magic and simplicity. And to share a little secret, the biggest gift was he taught me about Souplesse!

Jerry Honstein

When we can truly let go of the over analysis of positional golf swings we can really enjoy golf. That’s what the Easiest Swing is, a truly fabulous concept in golf.


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