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I am slowly going through these materials, and they are absolutely masterful! There are simply too many incredibly articulate points that you make that I have never heard from another golfing professional!

Your system is truly the way golf should be played and taught. So many issues emanate from tension and the deleterious effect that it has on our natural athletic ability. I do not know what it is about golf and the way it has been painfully taught for so many years. Why your brilliant template of teaching is so unknown is a complete mystery. That stated, I feel blessed and greatly comforted by your kind and Heartful approach to this great game. All I can tell you is that I am mad at myself for not committing to this many years ago. I promise to make up for lost time and look forward to meeting you in person!


Thanks for sending those videos along and for your kind note. I really enjoyed meeting you all and feel so much more confident in that what I’m doing is correct. You both are people I felt relaxed with and felt I’d known you for a long time! I left feeling I’d had a lesson with a world-class instructor! Keep up the work you are doing putting smiles on people’s faces.


Hope this brief email finds you well. Finally was able to play a round of golf last week since my lower back surgery almost a year ago. Quite rusty but it felt great just being able to swing my clubs and make fair contact with the ball. I knew I had to get back to basics so I logged in and started watching your videos. I was a history professor for 41 years and I know a great teacher when I see one in action. That’s you, by far the best golf teacher I’ve seen. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your excellent teaching videos. It’s a slow return for me but it’s great to be back.


“I joined Julian Mellor’s Proper Golfing website when it first came online back in 2021. I was a 12 handicap at the time. Over the last 2 years through a combination of watching Julian’s videos, sending in videos of my own swing for analysis, and taking some zoom lessons – I’m so excited that my handicap is currently an 8. That’s a huge 33% improvement. And the exciting thing is I don’t think I’m done yet – I think I can still get even better. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Julian who is a great teacher and most importantly for me, is fun to work with and be around. I try to steer as many struggling golfers as I can to his website because I know how good it could be for their game. It certainly was for mine!”


I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on what’s happened since our last lesson (I think it was in August).

I came to you then concerned about my occasional excessive left to right curvature on ball flight. You may recall you got me to try to turn more fully on the backswing and transfer my weight better into the finish. I’ve worked hard at this since.

I’ve been using the club across the chest and sticks inside the right foot and outside the left foot as an exercise. I practice this turning and weight shift exercise most days and it’s been so brilliantly effective. As you suggested, the sticks provide great feedback, as you can’t get the club lined up with them if you sway, tilt or lift your body up excessively through the right leg.

I’m now turning better, finishing better, ball flight is straighter and I have gained distance. I’ve also now been able to get my driver back into play without fear of slicing my shots. Apart from this, I’ve also put a lot of work into my pitching, chipping and putting. The better turning and finishing has also paid dividends with these areas of my game.

The result (apart from winning the club matchplay final in September) is that in the last 7 days I’ve had 3 rounds and gone round the Ardencote in 79, 79 and today, my best ever 75!! Not bad in a 20mph wind and soggy ground!! Given that I’d only ever broken 80 twice before, to do it three times in a week suggests to me that the lesson, the exercise and the practice have certainly borne fruit.

I’m so grateful for your support and I hope you receive this as evidence that your inputs and guidance really do help people become better golfers.


In reflection of our session yesterday I thought it important to give you some feedback on what I feel gained from the changes we implemented during our lesson.

Firstly, I found your method of instruction, clear, professional and concise. The way you instruct without actually instructing I find refreshing. Giving the student the knowledge and confidence to explore a different option from what is normally a regimented and paint by numbers system.

Secondly, I feel I gained more in that one session than i have achieved with any other teaching professional. The most important thing you gave me is the urge to play golf again and not just hit a ball. The icing on the cake is there has been no adverse reaction with my arthritis, it didn’t go unnoticed that you inquired about my hips prior to progressing to the next stage and for that I am grateful.

Thank you Julian for putting the students needs first, your passion for our game and your genuine drive to share your experience is exemplary.


I joined proper golfing recently and have found it an excellent help for me in my swing. I am 67 years old, 6’9″, and live in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2012 I injured my back muscles severely and have had a terrible time finding a good swing that does not keep re-injuring the lower back muscles. My handicap at that time was 3.5 and has gone up to 10.7 at this time with no outlook to be able to lower it (prior to starting your easiest swing). Just after a couple of weeks of practice so far with what you are teaching, I have been able to now swing injury and pain-free. Further, my distance is slowly coming back (I was only driving ball 200-225 yds and now is 240-250 yds), and my irons are really tightening up dispersion once again. Once we actually get off temporary greens and onto real greens, I know my handicap will begin to lower again. Thank you much.


Amazing result by focussing on rhythm and flow. Two 79 rounds in one week by focusing on those aspects. Lowest HCP ever for me now (8,4).


I would like to thank you for the advice you offered on gaining more distance off the tee. The simple repositioning of the feet so that the toes are at forty-five-degree angles opens up the hips for a smoother and more powerful swing through the ball. A small change but one that has significant results – something which Julian specializes in with his golfing advice.


I am 73 years old and have been searching for a repeatable ‘old guy’ swing! I spent several months with another online golf instructor who taught an ‘athletic’ swing. I can’t do athletic! Julian’s technique was a breath of fresh air. The motion seems to be repeatable and easy to learn. Julian’s swing reminds me of Julius Boros – effortless. Just a member for a couple of months but excited about the progress. I have always had a problem with flipping the club at impact, and his three ‘deadly don’ts’ are a good start at addressing so many issues. Key things that have helped so far: Video feedback and don’t keep your head down.


I want to compliment you. I am 84. I have had a radical deterioration of my golf game in the past few years. I think I had enough athleticism as a younger man to overcome a faulty swing. In the past, I followed Ben Hogan (He and I were personal friends at the end of his life). I have recovered a great deal of my skill following your instruction. I hit 14 fairways during my last outing.

I think Proper Golf is an improvement in the principles Mr. Hogan taught in his great book.


Julian, I Just wanted to let you know I’m playing the best golf of my life right now. Breaking 80 and getting to a single-digit handicap has always been two golf goals of mine. After flirting with 80 (I shot that five times this summer) – I finally broke the barrier a couple of weeks ago, shooting a 79. I’ve then gone out and done it twice more – including shooting my lowest ever round of a 76 yesterday!! (38 on both the front and back…) All of this has had my handicap go from a 12.1 to a 9.0. – Your sand technique is genius and has saved my sand bunker short game. – I’ve been working on “turning more” per your video analysis (I still have a ways to go with this…) – I’ve been using the armband you recommended while hitting half shots into a net at home to stay more connected. I’m sure all the above has contributed to my improved play. I’m looking forward to doing some zoom lessons with you in the off-season (that’s when I really like to “work” on my swing) looking forward to some in-person guidance at the coaching school in Fuerteventura in March of 2022. Thanks so much for all your help! Peace, Eric


My back and neck are stuffed, yet I feel zero pain when I follow your methods—great news for me.

I’ve been a member of numerous online golf teachers, including Malaska, Shawn Clement, Scratch Golf Academy, and a couple of others whose names I forget. They all wanted to teach as if I was a 25-year-old athlete in prime condition. Some of them really messed with my golf and caused further injuries over the last three years.

So as far as I’m concerned, at 60 years old, I can see and really feel a renewed energy and focus for improving my golf. My handicap was 23 about 18 months ago, and since watching these numpties with their crazy ideas, it’s now blown out to 29.5. I’ve been a member of Proper Golfing for a few weeks, and I already see improvement, even to the point of being relaxed about teeing off on the first and wanting to play. I began to think I should just give up.

I plan to get to 18 handicap in the next 12 months. I know I can do it with your help. It makes me very happy to have an achievable goal in a sport and industry that I love.

To you, I give all the credit. Of course, it doesn’t happen without some effort and commitment from me.

Thanks heaps mate. It’s like you’re just down at my local club, and I can drop in and ask for help.


A big thanks to you for making this great game of golf manageable for me. I cannot thank you enough for your videos. A friend from Wisconsin.


My name is Jerry Honstein; I’m 83 years old; I live in Southern California, and I love golf. I would share that I have strived to learn only two things about golf – first, how to hit a ball directly at my target and do it with consistency.

Well, after several decades of reading golf magazines, taking a multitude of lessons from PGA professionals, spending a great deal of money attending weekend golf seminars from several experts promoting their supposed swing ‘secrets,’ and spending untold hours of pounding golf balls at the range, what I ended up with was a lot of conflicting information and more swing thoughts than anyone could imagine. Frustrated confusion!

Then, several months ago, the best thing I ever did regarding golf was google “the easiest swing,” and I immediately found a post by Julian Mellor. My golf life has improved immensely since that lucky moment. Mr. Mellor not only explains how to simplify the golf swing, but he is also the first golf coach who ever really demonstrated exactly what he was teaching by swinging a golf club and hitting balls himself! Magic and simplicity. And to share a little secret, the biggest gift was he taught me about Souplesse!


When we can truly let go of the over analysis of positional golf swings we can really enjoy golf. That’s what the Easiest Swing is, a truly fabulous concept in golf.