Julian Mellor

Meet your new golf coach!


Julian’s Story

Julian has been obsessed with golf since the age of eight, when he would play and practice in all manner of inclement winters in the north of England.

He became an assistant pro at 16 when he left home to follow his dream.

During his early playing career, he held the position of Head Professional and Alfreton Golf club and won multiple regional tournaments, including Derbyshire Pro’s championship, and got through to the final qualifying of the Open Championship. In 2001 Julian Took on the role of Head Professional at Leamington & County Golf Club, where he stayed for 12 years.

As he approached the senior bracket of his golfing career, he started to become ever more frustrated that he couldn’t play golf his ‘old way.’

It was in 2015 met up with Brian Sparks. Brian was busy coaching around the world, coaching golfers the Easiest Swing methodology, and needed some help as he couldn’t keep up with demand. Since then, Julian learned the Easiest Swing introduced thousands of golfers to it via his YouTube channel and in-person via his 1-1 lesson or on the Courses he runs.

Like many other pros, Julian used to be a technical teacher following the Tour Player template methodology. Julian also tried one and two plane swings, stack and tilt, and the Moe Norman style swing leading to confusion, frustration, and, worst of all, pain.

Julian adds, trying to copy a Pros golf swing is a fool’s errand and sees no value in making the golf swing more complicated than it needs to be.
Julian lives in the heart of leafy Warwickshire with his fiancé and their daughter. When not teaching golf, he is walking the family dog or working out in the gym.