Tackling the Hardest Par 3 Course in the UK at Nailcote Hall

People are always asking me how I play golf courses. I took on challenge with this one in mid Warwickshire UK! I’d been wanting to play it for while so when we were invited along I jumped at it! Accompanied by my Partner Jo Cameron, she delves deeper into my head for the benefit of you the viewer. There is also a laugh along the way too!

Playing the Nailcote Hall Par 3 golf course is a brilliant experience that offers golfers of all levels a unique and enjoyable round. Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire, 25 minutes from The Proper Golfing Academy, is a compact course packing a punch with its challenging yet manageable Par 3 layout.

It’s the home of the historic Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, played in August.

The course consists of a collection of thoughtfully designed par 3 holes, each presenting its own set of obstacles and opportunities. With distances varying between 95 and 147 yards, the course offers a chance to hone your short game skills and precision. Despite its shorter length it is cleverly crafted to challenge golfers of all abilities. Strategically placed bunkers, water hazards, and undulating greens demand precision and accurate shot placement. Every hole becomes an exciting test of skill and strategy, requiring careful club selection and a well-executed swing. It was a tough one that’s for sure but I will certainly be going back.


If you are looking to play a perfect draw shot, there are 4 key parts: the setup, backswing, downswing, and through-swing.