Which type of GOLF SWING do you have?

There are 3 types of golf swings, so which one is natural to you? There is a typical arm swing that 66% of golfers have, like Monty’s. There is a swing when the hips and shoulders move together like Ernie Els, and there is a swing where the shoulder initiates the backswing and the lower body fires through impact like John Rahm. What’s important is that you swing the way that is natural to you, and you do not try and fit into something that is unnatural. Dr. David Wright is an expert In checking which one you are, but be careful not to get too confused. One this all successful golfers have in common is balance at the set up and through the golf swing.


If you are looking to play a perfect draw shot, there are 4 key parts: the setup, backswing, downswing, and through-swing.