#1 MOST important GOLF video you’ll WATCH

If you are scrolling through YouTube looking at different golf videos, then you need to stop and watch this video right until the end. If you are just hitting balls on the driving range, hoping you can change your golf swing, then you may be wasting your time. To make a change, you need feedback. This can come from a variety of things such as training aids, golf simulator, video or a golf coach. The reason you need feedback is based on your Motor Learning control. This put simply, is how your brain sends messages to your muscles, which enable movement. If you are serious about changing your golf swing, I urge you to do it in the right way and don’t take shortcuts.

5 KEYS to DRIVING the Ball

I’ll explain the 5 KEYS to DRIVING the Ball. You’ll learn the set up, body movement, swing path, finishing, and how to eliminate bad tension in your golf swing.