Golfers joking on the golf course

Whether you’re out on the golf course or hanging around the water cooler in the office, you can lighten the mood with some tee-riffic golf puns. Your friends who play golf will cackle, and those who don’t love the golf game might just think you’ve got some great dad jokes. Either way, there’s always a good golf pun for any situation you find yourself in. Check out our list below of all the best un-fore-gettable puns!

Funniest Golf Puns

  • This is my cup of tee
  • How about a spot of tee?
  • Let it tee
  • All bets par off
  • It’s a tee-utiful day
  • Let’s par-tee!
  • You’re the best, by par
  • Stay humble and put your eagle aside
  • What a load of trap!
  • I’m at a loss fore words!
  • Are you making a cry fore help?

Driving Puns

  • As par as the eye can see
  • You drive me crazy
  • Shut up and drive
  • A stroke of luck!
  • Take a drive
  • Nose drive
  • Drive had it up to my eyeballs
  • Drive right in
  • Crash drive
  • Drive never said that!

Putting Puns

  • No ifs, ands, or putts
  • Quit wasting time puttering around
  • Down putt not out
  • Putter luck next time
  • Putter late than never
  • Careful there, putter fingers!
  • Social putterfly
  • The putterfly effect
  • Putter face
  • Bread and putter
  • I’ve got a putter idea
  • Appeal to your putter judgment
  • I couldn’t putt it down
  • I wouldn’t putt it past them
  • I’m feeling a bit putt out
  • To putt a long story short
  • Don’t putt corners!

Family-Friendly Puns

  • Catch me riding birdie
  • It’s ball or nothing
  • A chip off the old block
  • Not all men are created eagle
  • Course language
  • Of course!
  • Stop coursing, there are kids around!
  • I peg your pardon?
  • Birdie little secrets
  • To the start of a beautiful friend-chip
  • I love you with all of my golf cart
  • I’ll take a club of coffee

Offensive Golf Puns

  • Kiss my putt
  • I have caddy issues
  • Stop leering at my putt
  • I like big putts and I cannot lie
  • Talk birdie to me
  • Who’s your caddy?
  • Putter wouldn’t melt in her mouth
  • I’m putt-naked!
  • If the handicap fits, wear it
  • A feather in your handicap
  • My arms are tired, I’ve had so many strokes
easiest shot in golf

Lighthearted Puns

  • I’m just asking fore a friend
  • This is all fore the best
  • You’re un-fore-gettable 
  • Get down and hit the fore
  • Fore-get me nots
  • Nice shot, shankapotamus
  • What a chip shot
  • That’s not really my club of tee
  • I sure have a hole lot of love for this game
  • As par usual
  • You get a gold par
  • A bar is born
  • It’s a hole new game

Favorite Golf Puns

  • I’m reviewing the course material
  • You are tee-rific
  • It’s club-bering time
  • Green and bear it
  • You must strike while the iron is hot
  • Over the hills and fore away
  • It’s all fore the best
  • Everybody trap your hands
  • Money doesn’t grow on tees
  • Lit up like a Christmas tee!
  • Bread always falls putter side down
  • Ball’s well that ends well!
  • Caught with your hand in the cookie par
  • Par none
  • No holds parred
  • Behind pars
  • Raise the par

Jetsetting Golf Puns

  • My golf ball is floating near the Persian Golf
  • Traveling around the golf coast
  • I’ll be flying on a golf-steam jet
  • In the golf of Mexico
one golf ball on golf clubs

Pop Culture Golf Puns

  • I am the golf father
  • Let’s do the bogey-woogie
  • May the course be with you
  • Remember the fore fathers
  • The Bogey-man
  • To tee or not to tee?
  • I am Iron Man
  • I rule with an iron fist
  • I sit on the Iron Throne
  • This guy spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff
  • Golf forth and prosper
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a tee

Crowd-Pleasing Puns

  • It takes a lot of balls to golf the way I do
  • I golf you on my mind
  • Good times as par as the eye can see
  • Putter late than never!
  • Golfing on election day? Make sure you cast an absent-tee ballot!
  • Address the golf ball. Hello, ball!
  • Swingin’ in the rain
  • Ill-eagle
  • Peg and barrow
  • He’s going fore in life
  • Don’t get a tee in your bonnet
  • We all get equal opportuni-tees
  • I’ll tee up the loose ends
  • It’s a hole new ball game
How many golfers golf jokes

Bonus: Golf Jokes

Q: Why do golfers always carry a spare pair of trousers with them? 

A: In case they get a hole in one.

Q: How many golfers does it take to change a lightbulb? 

A: Fore!

Q: What’s the best quality in a golf partner? 

A: They play worse than you do!

Q: What do you call a wizard who can turn himself into a golf club? 

A: Harry Putter.

Q: Did you know?

A: Golf is just an expensive way of playing marbles.

Q: What’s a golfer’s favorite dance move? 

A: The Bogey.

Q: What do golfers do on their days off? 

A: Putter around.

Q: I’m a bad putter. 

A: I can’t catch a break!

Q: Golf is the easiest game in the world. 

A: It’s just really hard to play.

Q: Why did the golfer need new socks? 

A: He had a hole in one.

Q: What did Master Yoda say when Luke sliced the ball onto the next fairway over? 

A: May the Fores be with you.

Q: Did you know the game of golf is 90% mental?

A: And 10% mental.

Q: What are the three tried and true methods to improving your game? 

A: Practice, Study the pros, and cheat your ass off.

Q: No matter how badly you play, always remember: 

A: It’s possible to play even worse.

Q: Why didn’t the golfer get his homework done? 

A: He wouldn’t stop puttering around.

Q: What’s a golfer’s favorite bird? 

A: Any birdie will do.

Q: Golf is a lot like taxes. 

A: You go for the green and wind up in the hole.

Q: Did you know golf balls are like eggs? 

A: Golf balls are like eggs because they’re white, sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to buy more.

Q: Where can you find a golfer on a Saturday night? 

A: Clubbing.

Q: What’s a golfer’s worst nightmare? 

A: The Bogeyman.

Q: What do golf and sex have in common? 

A: They’re two things you can enjoy even if you’re bad at them.

Q: Where do ghosts play golf? 

A: On the golf corpse.

Q: What’s the easiest shot in golf? 

A: Your fourth putt.

Q: The only problem with golf? 

A: The fast groups are always behind you and the slow groups are always ahead of you.

Q: Wife: I’m sick of your obsession with golf! 

A: Husband: Why, because it’s driving a wedge between us?

Q: Golf is what you play… 

A: When you’re too out of shape for softball.

Q: Why do golfers hate cake? 

A: They might get a slice.

Q: I once played a course that was so tough…

A: I lost two balls in the ball washer!

Q: Your game is so bad…

A: You had to have your ball retriever re-gripped!

Q: When is the golf course too wet to play golf? 

A: When your golf cart capsizes. 

Q: What are a golfer’s favorite flowers?

A: Fore-get me nots

Final Golf Pun Thoughts

Golf puns are great for keeping your friends entertained on the golf course. When you’re ready to stop joking around and improve your game, check out Proper Golfing. By becoming a member, you can lower your handicap, outperform your friends, and win competitions with ease. Fast track your development as a golfer by getting started here.


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